payton's utah football birthday party

Payton turned eight years old today!

This age is a huge milestone and we can hardly believe it's already here. However, Payton seems like he's eight going on fourteen. I feel like we have a mini teenager in our home. This kid is "too cool" for anything but his friends, sports and video games. He is beyond obsessed with Utah football and insisted {a year ago} this be the theme for his birthday party.

We delivered these "Fan Passes" to Payton's friends requesting that
they come to his exclusive Utah Football Fan party.

We had Red Velvet cupcakes with red cream cheese frosting.
I also made these Utah Football Helmet Chocolates to top the cupcakes.

The table setting waiting for guests to arrive

Each of the guests got a water bottle and little white bag with a
chocolate football helmet inside.

When the boys arrived at the party, they began making autograph books while watching a video about Utah's Undefeated Football Season.

My sister was at a Utah Blaze game the week before Payton's party and got 3 of the Utah Football Player's autographs; Jordan Wynn, Shaky Smithson & Luke Matthews. We copied the autographs and each of the boys got to put them in their books.

After the boys finished the autograph books, they were anxious to get out on the football field that Tim spray painted in our backyard.

It was hard to get a good angle of the entire field, but trust me, it looked awesome! The boys thought it was the coolest thing. They had fun playing tackle football.

Tim also made a field goal post, but it was too top heavy to stay up without leaning. I had fun being in charge of holding up the post, while the boys took shots {at my head} on the field goal. Payton ended up getting the most field goals. I guess it was his lucky day!

Here's the whole fan club!

Of course, Tim had to get involved in the football game.

After football, we did the usual birthday song and ate cupcakes.

Then opened presents {everyone's favorite}!

They finished off the party by playing video games. They were going to play NCAA football {in keeping with the theme}, but Tim's parents stopped by the party to deliver Payton a birthday gift. They gave him NBA Live. Payton was dying to try it out so they played that game instead. Payton told Tim later, "I tell my friends that my Grandparents always give me the best stuff and this totally proves it." It's true!

After Payton's party with friends, we had our family over for dinner and more party fun. Payton's other Grandparents gave him this Utah Basketball outfit and, once again, "this totally proves" that they give him the best stuff. I'm pretty sure he wore this all weekend long!

Pay also got Milsap's Jazz Jersey from the Siebenbergs.
Tim thought it looked pretty good on him.

Payton got so spoiled from EVERYONE, not just the Grandparents. He's so lucky to have great friends and family who love him so much. We absolutely adore Payton's obsession with Utah, Football, Basketball and the Jazz. It's fun to see him so passionate and excited about these things. It's also fun to share some of that passion with him. It was such a great birthday!


Koozie Pricing said...
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Us said...

Wow that looks like the best party ever! I loved the backyard. Em

Brianne & Jarod said...

That is ONE AMAZING party! I love how you go all out with the theme! Your boys are seriously some lucky little dudes!

Melissa said...

I love the football field in the backyard. Maybe you should be a party planner.

brandy said...

I agree with Melissa...after seeing this party and your bridal shower, you should go into the business! You are super creative. He's lucky to have such a "cool" mom who throws "cool" parties!

Miller Fam said...

Now ... if we could change this party from the "U" to the "Y" it would officially be the coolest boy party I've ever seen. :) Britt you are *SO* creative and definitely know how to throw a party. Love reading all your fun, creative, down-to-earth posts. Miss seeing you at the gym in the morning! Those boys of yours must be giving you enough of a work out!

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Rachael Parry said...

I LOVE your idea. My son is turning 8 and wants to do a party just like yours. Do you have a template for your invitations?