I love having this space on the internet to broadcast anything that is on my mind.  Usually, these boys down there take up most of that space.  When I have quiet time, I love to write.  Everyone that knows me can attest that it has always been my dream to be a journalist.  However, being a Mom was my ultimate goal and these boys have had me wrapped around their fingers for past twelve years.  I started this blog as an outlet to document our lives.  I hope that as I write and share my stories, something might resonate with you.  I hope you find something useful here! 

My Official Bio:

Brittany began her organizing career young, receiving her first Franklin Day
Planner at the age of eight-years-old. She spent her childhood playing “office”
and frequently added “eat dinner” and “play with toys” to her to-do list. Her
teenage years were spent rearranging her room, cleaning out drawers and
writing down what she would wear for the week in her planner.

Brittany is a graduate of the University of Utah with a degree in Broadcast
Journalism. She was a Public Relations Liaison during the 2002 Winter
Olympics spending her days in press conferences with reporters and Olympic
athletes. She was also an associate producer at ABC 4 news.

She is a former board member of the Utah Association of Professional
Organizers (UTAPO) and member of the National Association of Professional
Organizers (NAPO). She attended conferences with Professional Organizers
from around the country in San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

Brittany founded Simple Transformations, an organizing company, where she
gained hands on experience in her clients homes and offices. She then went on
to be Editor-In-Chief of My Organized Life, an online organizing website.
She used her organizing skills and business knowledge, to develop an Interior
Design Consultant program for a local home furnishings retailer.

Brittany is currently the CEO of the Jones Household and uses her organizing
experience as Room Mom, Soccer Team Manager and Schedule Coordinator for
her husband and four boys. Payton is 12, Parker is 10, Cooper is 6 and Crew is 3-years-old.

You can contact me at timandbritt@yahoo.com or;
Find me on instagram @brittsbroadcast

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