basement complete!

I won't feel like the basement is complete until it's all decorated and the few odds & ends we need to tie up are done.  HOWEVER, we do have a functional basement that we love.  The boys love their new room.  Tim loves his new tv, sound system and set up downstairs.  We all love the comfy recliner couches.  I love that I have my storage room back.  It was not even functional during construction.  I love that my kids disappear downstairs and my house upstairs is completely silent.  It's so nice having the extra space.  I love how everything turned out and I couldn't be happier...although I could definitely use some better pictures (Clint, can you help me with that?).  Again, these were taken with my iphone for purposes of getting this blog updated quickly.  I apologize for the horrible quality, but you get the point!  

Who's coming over for movie night?

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I love it. But I do hate that my first glimpse was a virtual tour and not in person. :) I love the look of it - you have an amazing touch. I can't believe how grown up the boys room is. Everything looks just perfect!