It was a Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my Birthday and Clint's Birthday. My brother and I share a birthday. I think it's pretty special. I was planning on taking the boys to the zoo, but it was too cold so I decided to take them to Cabela's (hey, they have animals...they might be dead...but they are animals!) The kids loved it! My family came over last night for a BBQ and to watch the Jazz lose again!! Despite the Jazz loss, I still had a great birthday! Thanks to all my friends and family for making it a great day!

Checking out the animals.

Happy Birthday, Brother!


d.r. gib said...

Happy Birthday, Britt. I am so proud of you :). Gib

Andi Wright said...

Cabela's!! That is just as exciting as the zoo!! Maybe we will take Ashton there when we come up...hey, its free right!?! The zoo costs money!! ha ha.