It's Not Mother's Day Anymore

Today we were driving in the car after preschool and I told the boys that we had to stop by a store to get something real quick. (For the record, it was just Smith's.) Payton says, "Yea right. Plus, it's not even Mother's Day anymore." I respond, "What do you mean?" He says, "You need to stop buying things because it's not even Mother's Day anymore. You already bought enough things for yourself for Mother's Day." My first thought was that Tim might be paying Payton to monitor my shopping. But then I realized that Payton was referring to the pillows, clothes, candle, vase, etc. that I came home with last week and told the boys and Tim that they could count as my Mother's Day gifts. Payton will find any excuse not to go shopping with me...and I'll find any excuse to go shopping!!

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