LA Vacation - Day 3

This morning we ate breakfast in our hotel. After breakfast, we headed to Dodger Stadium to see the Dodger's play the Chicago Cubs. The stadium was really cool and it was so fun to be there. We had really close seats on the first baseline. The game was pretty lame, but the atmosphere was fun. I think there were more Cubs fans than there were Dodgers fan's at the game. It was hard to tell who the home team was. After the game we drove back to our hotel on Sunset Blvd. (We passed the spot where Lindsey Lohan wrecked her car later that night. It was the lead story on the news in LA the rest of the time we were there.) We got back to our hotel and watched the Jazz Game. Luckily, the Jazz made it worth our time. After the Jazz's victory we decided to celebrate by going to In N' Out Burger. Yummy! Then we stopped at the Ralph's Grocery Store by our hotel to pick up some vacation neccessities...Ben N' Jerry's Ice Cream, Vitamin Water, Mountain Dew and an US Weekly (I had to see what was happening in LA.)

Cubs Pitcher & Catcher warming up before the game

Tim screaming at the Jazz Game

Me reading in the hotel room.

Check out the sunburn on my knees from the Dodgers Game...Ouch!

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