LA Vacation - Day 6 - Home Sweet Home!

Today we headed home. It's fun to leave the kids home because we definitely had something to look forward to. We were really excited to get home and see the boys. We got up this morning and I went running while Tim slept in. We got ready for the day, packed up and headed out. We were an hour away from the airport so it took all day to turn our rental car in and get to the aiport. We finally got home and saw the boys. They were just as excited to see us. They both gave us big hugs and actually remembered us. They had so much fun with their grandparents that we didn't think they would even want to come home. Payton wanted to get home so that he could see what our house looked like because he couldn't remember. Tim and I had such a fun vacation thanks to our awesome families for helping with the boys. It was so fun because we knew that they were being well taken care of. Thanks family, we love you!! As soon as we picked up the boys from my parents house we went to Tim's parents house to see Andi & Jdub's family. Tim had never seen his new little niece, Brice, so he got to see her for the first time. The boys were so excited to see their cousin Ashton. They are going to be in town all summer so we are excited to spend lots of time with them.

On our way home!

Parker loves holding baby Brice!

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Andi Wright said...

It's nice to have you home...Parker can come babysit any time! It is so cute how much he loves to hold Brice!