Weekend Update

It's the start of a new week and I thought that I would recap our busy and fun weekend. On Friday I did yard work all day long. I repainted our patio stairs and our old table and chairs. (I'm getting a new patio set for my birthday.) We went to Payton's T-ball game then came home and did more yard work until it was dark. I love a productive day! On Saturday morning we went to Payton's soccer game. After the game, I went to lunch with some friends at Trio. After lunch we went to Coldstone for some yummy ice cream. It was a fun afternoon with the girls! I got home and ran to my friends baby shower just to drop off a gift. I came back home and we headed to Tim's soccer game. They won! From his soccer game, we went to the Luau (pictures are below). On Sunday we did the usual church things. After church we went to Tim's parents house for dinner. We celebrated my birthday with his family. It was a lot of fun!

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Andi Wright said...

In case I forget to call tomorrow...Happy Birthday!! and have a great time in California...I wish that I could go and see Wicked again...it is very good, you will enjoy it!!