Sunday Surprise!!

We had the craziest thing happen today in our ward. This morning as we were getting ready for church I got a call from a member of the bishopric. He said he was calling to let me know that we weren't going to have Primary today. I thought this was some kind of funny joke they were playing on me. I didn't think it was April Fools Day. After a few minutes of disbelief he was finally able to tell me that they had revarnished the gym floors in our building and the smell was too strong, plus they couldn't accomodate all the classes. So...classes were cancelled...we only had sacrament meeting. Woohoo!! Normally I don't answer the phone on Sunday mornings because it's always bad news, but this Sunday was a special treat. I love Primary, but it was a nice to have an unexpected break. (The bishopric member later told me that I really should contain my enthusiasm a little more!)

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lindsey said...

I'm with you!! Woohoo!!