Brice's Baby Blessing

Sunday was my niece, Brice's, baby blessing. It was fun to get together with family and friends. Brice looked so cute wearing the same dress her Mom wore for her blessing. I didn't get any pictures of her in her dress, but I'm sure you can check out the Dub's Dish blog to see pictures of her in her dress. We had a fun day hanging with the family!

Me & Brice...my favorite niece!!

The Three Stooges

We sang Happy Birthday to Ashton since we didn't get to do it on his birthday!

Wrestlmania with Uncle Brady

This is how we discipline our children

Jenny & Eric (Always ready for a picture!)


Go Jazz said...

Eric and Jenny are one handsome couple

Andi Wright said...

thanks for getting after me...I was getting so far behind on my blog that it took me forever to catch up!

Jenbug said...

I was going to make a comment about how stunning Eric and I are but he beat me to it! So I'll just say how nice it is to see us on your blog.

Daily Jot & Tittle said...

Fun family! You and your mom look so much alike...both beautiful!