Happy Father's Day

I want to pay tribute to the Father's in my life. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing Dad. He has always been such a great example to me. It is his fault that I am so curious, always wanting to know more. He is constantly seeking knowledge in everything that he does. It is also his fault that I am obsessive compulsive. He has a perfectionism quality that literally keeps him up at night. I blame him for many of the qualities that I have and am mostly grateful that he passed them on to me. I am so grateful for his attitude towards life. He never takes anything too seriously and can always find the humor in the many misfortunes that seem to occur daily in his life. I also love the way that he cares about my boys. He loves them so much and knows how to relate to them on their level. Until recently, my Dad used to make my Mom call us EVERY night to get a "buddies" update. They would always call late at night long after the boys had gone to bed and ask ridiculous questions about what the boys did that day. It was a little annoying to answer redundant questions every day, but I appreciate that he is always thinking about what his little buddies are doing. (Thank goodness those calls have now become a weekly occurrence instead of daily.) Thanks for being such an incredible Dad!

Next, I must pay tribute to my Father-in-Law. I am so grateful that my husband was raised by such an incredible Dad. What a blessing that is in my life and the lives of my little boys. I am grateful that he is a worthy priesthood holder. I am grateful for how much he respects his wife. I am grateful that he is such a hard worker. Tim definitely received this amazing quality from his Dad. Tim takes any task that he is doing very seriously. Tim works equally hard on any task he is given whether it's taking care of a million dollar account, doing yard work or putting together Lego's for Payton he does the job and does it well. This is exactly how his Dad is. He is very determined and works hard at anything he is doing. I am also grateful for his sense of humor. He always knows how to lighten the mood. He is always calm and handles situations with ease. He is such a great Grandpa. I am grateful that he is patient and willing to teach the boys new things. He loves to explore with them and do fun things. Thanks for being such a wonderful Father-in-Law. You're the best!

Last, I must pay tribute to the Father of my children. My boys are so lucky to have the most amazing Dad. I feel so blessed that my boys have a Father that they can look up to and strive to be like. They both love their Dad so much. They always want to be around him and be doing whatever he is doing. Tim is (mostly) patient with them and loves spending time with them. He takes the time to light saber fight, play video games, throw the ball, wrestle, draw Star Wars guys and do all the other things boys like to do (and that I definitely don't love doing!) I love the time that he spends reading to them every night. He loves to be creative, silly and funny when he reads to the boys and it is so sweet to watch. Even on nights when it is so late and we are all so exhausted (last night) Tim insists on reading to the boys. I am so grateful that he works so hard to provide for our family and teach our boys. I am grateful that they have a Father they can be proud of and can be just like some day. Tim makes our home so much fun. He always lightens the mood and makes sure that we are always having fun! Thanks for being such a great Dad...I love you!

Happy Father's Day!!

My Dad

Tim's Dad

My Boys Dad


lindsey said...

How cute to take the time to write down all of things that you are grateful for. Isn't it true that the more you think of it, the more blessed that you feel?

Anonymous said...

Your dad sounds like a great and humble man!

Brittany said...

Thanks for anonymous comment...Dad!!