Jungle Gym's

We went with Grandma Ann, Andi, Jdub, Ashton & Brice to Jungle Gym's yesterday afternoon. Grandma Patty came over to check out the fun also. Payton & Ashton immediately started riding all the rides and having fun, but Parker didn't want to go on any of the rides in the beginning. He finally warmed up and then he loved it! The kids all had a great time...even Brice...she was talking and smiling the whole time. Thanks Grandma Ann!

This is what I got when I said, "Say Cheese"

Look at that smile. She is such a happy baby!

Grandma Ann, Ashton & Payton playing a video game

Parker was a little bit nervous about his 1st ride

Parker & Brice

The boys love these little token rides

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