A Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo with Grandma Patty. We had so much fun checking out all the animals. Parker told Tim that his favorite animal was the cow, then the horse, then the pig. We didn't see any of those animals at the zoo! When I asked Payton what his favorite animal was that we saw, he said, "did we go and see the snakes?" I replied, "yes." He responded, "then my favorite animals were the snakes." I think the snakes were his favorite (even though he wasn't sure if we saw them) because he bought a snake at the gift shop with his very own money. He got some money from Grandma Patty for his preschool graduation and from Grandma Ann for helping pick up pine cones (she pays him 5 cents for every pine cone. It's a great little side job!) Thanks for a fun day at the zoo, Grandma Patty!

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