Jones Family Reunion

This past weekend we had the Jones Family Reunion. This year our theme was Pirates. We started doing themes a few years ago and it just keeps getting more out of control every year. The party planners (Marlene & Lisa) made everything so amazing. It's truly incredible how much time and money they put into the invitations, activities, food, treasure hunt, race and decorations. I'd love to have them plan a party for me! We were so busy all weekend with the many activities that were planned, but it was so much fun. Payton loved running around with all the boys. Parker was mostly terrified of all the commotion. It really was so much fun!!

Here are the incredible invitations...You know you're in for a treat when you get this kind of invitation in the mail!

This is our family receiving our pirate instructions and getting our room assignment. We got to stay on the "Flying Dutchmen" (the basement).

This is the back patio where we congregated for meals & activities. They had red lights strung up all around the back patio & pirate flags. The tables were decorated with each teams colors & lots of cute pirate paraphernalia.

This is my team showing off our boat. I was the captain of the white team. One of our challenges was to build this boat. We didn't do it the fastest, but ours was the most anatomically correct.

This is the cute treasure chest they made that held all the gold coins. You earned gold coins by doing dishes, taking out the garbage, taking a nap, riding the jet skis, riding the 4-wheelers, and lots of other things. The team with the most gold coins at the end wins. Of course, my team was the most honorable so we did not win...we took 4th (out of 5). There were other dirty Pirates that placed ahead of us because they cheated...filthy rotten Pirates!!

This is where we met for "Brethren's Court" and made our guesses on the "Anything Jars." Payton & Parker (aka Brittany) won a few anything jars...toys, paperclips, candy.

More Cute Decorations

"Anything Jars"

These are the tokens of the Pirate Lords. Each Pirate Lord (married couple) brought a token that represented a challenge they were going to do. We did lots of fun challenges; Cannon Launch, Building a Pirate Ship, Skittle Sucking, Capture the Flags, X-Marks the Spot and frozen t-shirt contest. We are a very competitive family so these activities are always a lot of fun!

This was the Cannon Launch Activity. These guys are waiting to be hit by water balloons!!

They were able to catch a few "cannons." By the end of the game everyone was soaking wet!!

This is the Frozen T-shirt Activity. Marlene & Kent are trying to thaw out the shirt so that we could put it on!!

Here is Parker doing the Kid's Corner Activities.

Here is my cute Make-n-Take that we made. Aren't these darling?!?

Payton & Parker with their Jones Pirate T-shirts on. This is a Jones tradition to have a t-shirt every year. Eric designed the t-shirt this year and they turned out really cute!

Payton fell on the gravel the first night we were here and got a little road rash on his face. He had a few rocks stuck on his face and up his nose, but now he just has some cool scabs!

Tim & Parker with their awesome bed head!!

Eric & Jenny warming up for the race, which they took 3rd & 4th place in. (Did I mention, I took 2nd.)

The annual Jones Family Picture


Daily Jot & Tittle said...

Oh my gosh! What a fun family reuinion! I can't believe all the fun ideas! I want to be part of the family! Thanks for sharing!

lindsey said...

I have never seen a family reunion like this one. It looks like so much fun. What great activites and decorations.

Andi Wright said...

It looks like a few people are missing!! I wish that we could have been there! Even though it is chaotic, I still love going. This is the first reunion that I have ever missed. I am going to have to stop reading your blog...I get emotional! I am crazy, but you would be to if you lived so far away!! I think that we have decided to move back next year...that is if Jdub can find a job that he likes enough!!

Brittany said...

Andi...it's not the same with out you guys there!! Everybody asked about you were doing. You are definitely missed. Everyone thinks that Parker looks like Ashton. Sorry to make you so emotional, but I guess my blog is working. I'm trying to get you guys to move back!! I'm sorry...I definitely would be the same way if I lived far away, but don't mind all the good stuff I said in my blog...you know how I like to exaggerate. You didn't miss much!!

Patty said...

WOW, what a GOOD-LOOKING family at a SNAZZY reunion! You guys really know how to plan and have FUN!