Park City Getaway

We spent the past week in Park City, Utah. It's not far from home, but it was far enough! Payton is off track right now and Tim really wanted to go on vacation while Payton was out of school. I didn't have the energy or feel well enough to do a traditional vacation so we settled on relaxing in Park City. We stayed at the Marriott Mountainside, which was wonderful. We had such a fun week! Here is a breakdown:

We headed up to Park City after all the soccer games, birthday parties and conference sessions. Brett & Camille came up to hang out with us. We had dinner, hung out and the guys took the kids down to the hot tub (Thanks again!) It was snowing (according to Tim it was a blizzard) so it was pretty cold, but they had fun! This is a picture of one of the hot tubs. It didn't look like this that night, but other days it did (without the sexy couple!!)

This morning we slept in. We normally have church at 8:00 am so it was a nice break. We watched conference, which was wonderful!! I love conference. It is so inspiring and uplifting. The counsel that our prophet and apostles gives to us is always so needed and timely. I'm grateful for what I got out of conference this year and hope that I can become a better person because of it. My family all came up (with the exception of Erika & Brian, but thanks for the yummy cookies...we ate them all!!) It was so fun to watch conference with them and play fun games. They stayed all day long. Payton was in heaven because Clint brought his Xbox. Thanks a lot for that, Clint!

Tim didn't work today (well most of the day) and we enjoyed sleeping in, hanging out and having fun. We got out the door and had to make our first stop at Walmart. Payton earned money last week so that he could buy a toy when we got to Park City. He was so excited to finally get to buy at toy. It took him at least 30 minutes to make a decision. It was pretty cute how much thought went into his purchase. Parker got to pick a toy also. Plus, I had to buy toothbrushes, sipppy cups, socks for Parker, face wash, soap for the boys, etc. I forgot so many things it was ridiculous. After Walmart, we went to the outlet mall. Lucky for Tim, I wasn't really in the mood to shop (that's how you know I'm truly sick). He bought a shirt and that was our only purchase. Crazy?!? The kids played on the playground for awhile then we headed back to our hotel. Parker & I took a nap while Tim & Payton went down to the pool. They were actually swimming in the pool (in 60 degree weather). Pretty crazy if you ask me! Payton was in heaven. Plus, he was playing with a friend that he met at the pool (so we thought). As he got out to leave, Payton said, "I'll see you when we get back on track." He then told us that the kid is in his kindergarten class. Small world! After swimming, we went outside and walked around. Tim & Payton went on the Alpine Coaster. It is a roller coaster on a mountain. It goes up to 60 miles an hour. They both loved it! Payton kept saying, "Go faster, Dad." Parker was bummed because he was "too little" to go on the ride. He said, "I can go when I get taller." He talked about it for awhile afterwards. We walked around and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and the beautiful colors on the mountain. Then, we went to Tim's favorite restaraunt for dinner, "Baja Cantina." The food tasted really good (which is very odd for me right now). After dinner, we headed back to our room and enjoyed playing games, watching tv and just hanging out!

Tim had to work today so he woke up early and left. We all slept in and hung out in our hotel. Thank goodness my friend Michelle, who lives in Park City, called and wanted to get together or else we would have stayed in our PJ's all day! We met Michelle and walked a trail that was lined with Scarecrow's. The kids enjoyed running outside and seeing the different Scarecrow's. After the Scarecrow Walk we went and got ice cream at Cold Stone. It's always fun to hang out with Michelle and the kids had a lot of fun with her kids. We went back to our hotel and met Clint & Becca. They came up to hang out with us tonight. We went and rented a movie then headed over to Main Street. We bought caramel apples and then Tim met us at Main Street Pizza & Pasta for dinner. Yummy! After dinner we went back to our hotel and watched "Evan Almighty." It was a pretty dumb movie, but we had a really fun night with Clint & Becca!

Tim took today off and we got to sleep in this morning! Actually, Tim woke up early to get work done and the rest of us slept in. We hung out this morning and then Payton & Tim went down to the pool. (Crazy!!) Parker & I headed down to the pool after a little while. All 3 boys swam in the freezing cold water and had lots of fun! I got to watch them enjoy swimming. After swimming we went back up to our room. I took a nap. Parker took a nap. Tim did some more work and Payton played with his new toys. After a day of doing not much at all, Tim's parents, Brady & Mahina came up to visit. We went to "Baja Cantina" (again) for dinner. It was great! Then we went back and hung out with his family at our hotel for awhile. We have been so lucky to have lots of visitors this week to keep us busy. Thanks for making the trip up to Park City!

Tim went off to work again today. The boys and I headed out of the house pretty early this morning. We went over to the outlet malls and met the Carley's. Jaimy brought her boys up to Park City to play with my boys. They live in our neighborhood and our boys are the same age. Chase & Payton are in the same Kindergarten class. Payton & Parker were very excited to have some friends to play with. Instead of shopping, our boys played on the playground the whole time while we chatted. Then we headed over to Wendy's for lunch. (Disgusting, but it's what we do for our kids.) My sister, Erika, met us there. After lunch, Jaimy & the boys went home while Erika & I went back to the outlets to shop. We didn't last very long because Parker was exhausted. We went back to the hotel so that Parker (and I) could nap. Erika took Payton down to the pool and they went swimming. We hung out the rest of the afternoon. Tim got off work early. We hung out for awhile then he went back down to Salt Lake for a soccer game. I started cleaning up the room and packing up. It was a nice relaxing evening.

This morning I got up early and began cleaning and packing things up to leave. We got everyone loaded up in the car and headed over to my friend, Michelle's home. When we pulled up, Payton said, "She lives on a farm." Yes, she does. They have a couple acres with horses roaming around. Her new home is beautiful! Camille, Dani and their children came for lunch as well. Heidi had a sick little girl so she couldn't come. We missed you! It was so fun to eat lunch and chat with friends. The kids loved playing together. They especially loved feeding the horses. Thanks for being such a great hostess and for a wonderful time, Michelle!


Andi Wright said...

looks like a fun trip!! Why weren't we invited to come up and see you guys? I am very upset!! ha ha...maybe next year! I wish that I could have a week to relax and hang out. Maybe soon...who know I may quit my job and have all the time in the world!!

Reeses Pieces said...

What a fun weekend. I can't believe Michelle and Brandon have a farm. That would be so fun if I didn't have the world's worst allergies. Looks like you all had a great weekend.