Play School

Parker started play school (a month ago) and it has been so much fun. Every Monday we get together with 9 of his little friends (all 2-years-old and under...are we crazy?!?). We (the Moms) take turns teaching, assisting, planning field trips and parties. We have school days, with a teacher and an assistant. It's so great just to drop Parker off and know that he is having a fun time. He loves it! Also, we have field trips and parties for the kids around special events. So far it has been such a great experience and I'm so glad that Parker has something fun for him to do. My friends that planned play school did such an amazing job. We have a different theme each week and a letter and number that they learn. Here are some pictures of our first field trip to the Thanksgiving Point Farm.

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KRiB said...

Parker is such a ham. He has figured out he loves fun. The other day when we were playing he started doing the Fee Fi Fo Fum thing and then I finished it and he tried to say it all and I have no clue what came out of him but it was hilarious. He knew what it was and you could tell it made sense to him but it was like random, though connected words that didn't make sense but had the correct rhythm. What a great kid. A year ago the jury was out during the screaming phase (or should we say, screaming period?)