Regional Conference

We had regional conference today and it was wonderful! We went to Tim's parent's stake center to watch the broadcast (our stake was invited to the conference center). The talks were all wonderful! Here are a few of the messages I'm going to try and work on in my life:

1. Slow Down (especially on the Sabbath Day)
2. Attend the temple more often. Go in place of your normal leisure activities.
3. Have a mutual respect for your spouse.
4. Be more soft in your answers (I think he was telling me to stop yelling at my children).

There were so many great messages, but these are a few that I'm going to try to work on this week, month, year. I'm putting them here so that I can hold myself accountable. I really feel like I have so much to work on right now, but I think you have to take things one baby step at a time!

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KRiB said...

Good stuff. Haven't seen the slow down yet.