Happy Birthday, Jenny!

We've had a fun week of celebrating birthday's. This past tuesday was my sister-in-law, Jenny's birthday. We went out to eat at Tepenyaki to celebrate. Payton & Parker loved it!! It is the greatest place to take kids. If it wasn't so expensive we would do it more often. They loved the big fire. Payton thought it burned his eyebrows off. Parker was mesmerized the whole time. At one point, the guy pretended to throw mustard on Payton (it was just a string that came out of the bottle). Payton was pretty disgusted, but later he said that was his favorite part. We had a really fun night out with the Jones's and the Taylor's. We love Jenny and are glad that she keeps Eric in line. Happy Birthday!

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Andi Wright said...

Once again we were not invited!! It looks like all of you had fun at dinner...I love the flower hat!