Friday Night Fun with Friends

It is basketball season, and as you all know by now, Tim does stats for Cottonwood High School's basketball team with my Mom. Every tuesday and friday night they have a basketball game. Sometimes we go with him and hang out with my Dad during the game, other times the boys just go and I get to have a night to myself, but tonight we decided to stay home and relax. Since we were just going to be hanging out at home I invited Caleb & Cade over so that their parents could go out and have some fun without the kids. The boys were a little wild tonight, but they had a lot of fun. These are our friends that live right behind us. We have a gate in our backyard so that the kids can easily run between houses. We love having them as neighbors and feel so lucky to have such great friends right behind us. Our kids get along so well and they love spending time together. These are pictures of the kids watching, "Robots." I think that they sat still long enough for me to take a picture. Shortly after this a popcorn fight broke out!

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