Shoe Shopping

It wasn't intentional, but this weekend we did quite a bit of shoe shopping. Tim really wanted some new shoes for work and the boys needed some new winter shoes. I just happened to find a couple pair of shoes on sale. So, our whole family ended up with new shoes this weekend, which is my idea of a pretty great weekend!

Parker's Shoes

Payton got 2 new pair of shoes

Tim's new shoes. (He's also been eyeing some Puma's which I'm sure he'll get soon!!)

My shoes were fun just because they were so cheap. These flats were only $9.

These shoes were only $16!!


Reeses Pieces said...

Cute. Love the background. Looks very custom. Love the shoes too. I just bought those Pumas, but for myself actually. Big Puma fan here. Good grabs on the shoes!

KRiB said...


The Mendez Family said...

How did you take such professional pictures of the shoes? You ought to be a photographer for a catalog! Love all the shoes, but that's not surprising, since I've always been a big shoe lover ... I'm sure I'll have a post about shoes on my blog someday too!