My Favorite Things About Payton

1. He is responsible and helpful. He is great about getting dressed by himself, making his own bed, brushing his teeth, cleaning up his toys, helping Parker get dressed and cleaning up Parker's messes. Last week I went to see what Payton was doing and he was making Parker's bed for me. I watched him as he did it and he was such a perfectionist. He straightened the blankets and pillows a few different times and stood back to make sure it looked just perfect. He didn't even come and tell me that he made the bed. Most kids would be so proud that they did something to surprise their Mom, but Payton is very humble (clearly, I'm not, as his Mother.) He does so many sweet things to help out around the house. I never have to nag him (too much) about doing things. When he knows what I expect of him, he just does it!

2. He is sensitive and compassionate. He is constantly worried about making everyone else around him happy. He's great about comforting Parker or sharing with him when he is sad. In fact, this picture is a great example of Payton's compassion. We had another Easter Egg Hunt at my Grandma's house on Sunday. Parker dropped his Easter basket and all of his eggs and candy fell out. All of my family yelled, "Hurry, Payton, go get his candy." (Of course they were teasing.) Payton ran over and began helping Parker pick up his candy. Nobody asked him to do it, in fact, they were telling him to do the opposite. This is one of the many examples of Payton's selflessness, sensitivity and compassion towards others.

3. He is spiritual and creative. Payton loves Family Home Evening. Every Monday he gets so excited that it is time for FHE. This past Monday he said he had a great idea for the lesson. He asked me what I had done with his picture he brought home from church on Sunday. I told him that I threw it away (oops!) He said that was okay he would just have to draw his own picture. He drew the same picture (an Angel) for each one of us in the family with our names on the top. He brought all the pictures and drawing supplies to the table. He said that we could color this picture. He explained that the picture was the Angel who came to tell everyone that Jesus was alive and had been resurrected. He told us that we were supposed to draw the tomb with the rock that had been pushed away. I love that Payton is so creative. He loves drawing. I also love that he is actually learning something in his Primary class. It was so neat that Payton was able to do a wonderful lesson for us and teach us something that he learned from church.

The next night he asked if we could have Family Home Evening again. How do you say no to that? So, we obliged. He said that he had a great idea for the lesson. He was going to draw pictures of Jesus, after he was alive again, and we could color those pictures. Tim started coloring the picture that Payton gave him. Tim thought that it was a picture of him playing Rock Band. Tim asked Payton why he gave him long hair? To which Payton responded, "That's not you, Dad, that's Jesus playing Rock Band." I love Payton's sweet innocence. At first, I was a little concerned and wanted to have an immediate lesson on the sacredness of Jesus, but Payton taught me a better lesson. Jesus really is in our every day lives. The things that we are doing in our lives (playing Rock band or whatever else) should be things that Jesus would do if he were here with us. I'm grateful to be learning from Payton every day!


Reeses Pieces said...

What a nice tribute to your little ones. Payton totally sounds like he has the characteristics of Carson. I think it's great you have all boys...so far. It takes a special kind of Mom to have all boys.

Lynnise said...

I love the Rock Band picture of Jesus. That really is sweet. You must be doing such a good job as a mom to have such sweet children. I agree with Nicole on this one, that it takes a special mom to raise boys in this day and age. You are doing an awesome job and your boys seem to truly reflect that.

Patty said...

Good job for our Payton! He loves to share his many talents. I am so proud of him and his Mom for allowing him to share!