Sewing Talent

Tim's mom is known for going over board. She is always doing things above and beyond what needs to be done. She is an over achiever! So, I shouldn't be surprised that she made ALL this stuff for me with her own 2 hands. Yes, she has been a sewing fool lately. She sewed all of this stuff. She did all of this for me and the same exact stuff in pinks & yellows for Mahina! Wow! In case you can't tell from this picture, there is a quilt, a diaper bag, a changing pad, a blanket, a container and a bib. She also informed me that she just finished my pacifier holder and diaper & wipes holder. Isn't she amazing? Thanks Ann!

I guess it runs in the family. Tim's Grandma gave me this beautiful blanket and burp cloth. I love it because it's a little different than the typical homemade blanket. It's gorgeous!


Romans Family said...

Wow! that's a lot of work. I love the black toile.

Andi said...

My mom has been going crazy!! What fun stuff she made for you. It is all so cute!

Lynnise said...

Sewing is one of those talents I wish I had. Cute stuff! Have fun using it!