We have been so blessed to have SOOO many wonderful friends, family and neighbors stop by to visit, bring us meals and take care of us. We feel so grateful for ALL the love and support we have received from everyone. I wish that I had a picture of EVERYONE who has visited us and come to meet Cooper, but I haven't been so great about that.

The Siebenbergs have come out and spent the last two Saturday nights with us since we are cooped up in our home (Cooped...that's funny...no pun intended.) Here is a cute picture of all our kids!

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The Mendez Family said...

Oh my goodness, what a cute picture! I can't get over that face on Samantha! So sad that I haven't even met my own niece yet and I have to see pictures of her on your blog ... we need Camille to get a blog going!!!

Congrats on everything ~ you're wonder woman in my opinion for juggling 3 boys! You look wonderful too!