Eme, Cooper...and Eric!

We got the cousins together on Sunday and wanted to see if they were keeping up with each other in size. They were both 6 lbs 13 oz when they were born, 3 days apart, but Cooper didn't gain weight as fast as Eme in the beginning. Now, it looks like he's catching up to her.

Cooper wanted to sleep and Eme kept hitting him in the face.

Eric is deathly afraid of babies. Especially, newborn babies. He claims that he won't hold them until they crawl or walk. I can't remember which one. Nevertheless, this picture proves that is not true. Here is Eric holding Cooper. Tim just walked up and set him in his hands. Thank you, Eric, for not dropping him!

Also, here is another picture that proves Eric CAN hold a newborn baby. This is Eric holding Payton as they met for the first time. We were saying goodbye to Eric as he was leaving on his mission to Equador.


Anonymous said...

Cooper...good luck to you. That is just the first girl in a long line of girls that is going to be slapping you in the face.

Senior Del Fuego said...

I will any baby as long as it can their head up. Also I don't think that I look that awkward holding Payton. He is just weird looking.

Jenbug said...

Eric looks so calm in the picture. Inside I know, he is filled with dread. He knows, his own doomsday (child) is in the not-to-distant future.

Dani said...

Brittany...he is so beautiful. I cannot wait to see him and snuggle him and kiss his little face. There is nothing like it in the world.

Love, Dani