Payton's Animal Report

Payton had to present an animal report to his Kindergarten class. They were asked to research an animal of their choice, fill out a worksheet about the animal, bring a prop and tell the class about their animal. Payton wanted to do his report on Tigers. We went to the library and checked out a bunch of books about Tigers. We also searched the internet and found some cool pictures. Payton really wanted to make a poster for his prop. I let him make the poster himself. No help from Mom. He did a great job! He was excited to tell us about his report. He practiced presenting his report to us a few times.

I'm glad that he was excited about this homework assignment. It was fun to work on this assignment with him and actually learn some new things about Tigers myself. I'm grateful to be able to learn with my children every day. I hope that Payton & I will both continue to love learning and love doing it together. Who knew that I could actually learn something from Kindergarten?!


Patty said...

Tell Payton that I want to hear his report about Tigers! The pictures look so interesting. It makes me want to learn more!

Lynnise said...

I love the "I like stripes!" comment, that is hilarious! What a cute teacher he must have - and kudos to you for letting him do it himself, he must take after you because he did a really good job!