Payton's Last Soccer Game

We had the last soccer game of the 2007-2008 season today. Payton has improved so much over this past year. He is a great little soccer player. Most of all, he has so much fun playing soccer, which is really all that matters right now. He begs Tim to play soccer with him every single day. They play soccer in our entryway at home almost daily. Payton was lucky to have Tim as his coach. Tim is a wonderful coach (no, I'm not biased). He is so patient with the kids and has really tried to teach them some skills this year. He worked hard to teach the kids how to keep the ball inbounds. They all did such a good job by the end of the season. He also works hard to make sure they are having fun. We're sad to see the soccer season ending, but look forward to another wonderful season next year. Great work, Payton & Tim!

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Patty said...

Tell Payton that he is a sharp looking soccer player and I'm glad that he is having so much fun! Tell Tim that we are so happy that he is a wonderful coach for our Grandson! He is a cool looking coach, too!