Happy Father's Day!

It was a successful Father's Day in our home. Payton and Parker spent all week making cards for Tim. It took Tim all morning to read his cards. My boys are so lucky to have an amazing Dad to look up to. They love him so much and always want to be around him when he's home.

We made Tim his new favorite dessert...Key Lime Pie. A friend of mine brought this to us after Cooper was born and Tim was instantly obsessed (lucky for me, it's the easiest thing in the world to make.) Also, Camille gave me a cool tool for my birthday that I was able to use to decorate the pie with whipped cream. Thanks Cam!

I must mention that Tim & I have AMAZING Father's as well. We got to spend the day with each of them. I'm so grateful that we have a day to celebrate the wonderful men in our lives!

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Jensens said...

OK, so I need to know your recipe for the key lime pie. I love key lime pie!