Payton's Last Day of Kindergarten

Today was Payton's last day of Kindergarten. I really can't believe it! My little boy is graduating from Kindergarten and moving on to first grade. He has done so well in Kindergarten this past year. We are so proud of him!

All of Mrs. Schmardebeck's students put on a program for the families of the Kindergartners. They sang some songs they've learned over the past year and then we got to watch a slideshow with pictures of the children throughout the year. It was really cute! Afterwards, they gave the children their diploma, report card, Brilliant Bobcat Award, and a bunch of the children's work that his teacher saved throughout the year.

My sweet Mom is OBSESSED with taking pictures of everything. This is my cute cousin Amie that we haven't seen in years. Her daughter is good friends with one of the girls in Payton's class. My Mom insisted on taking a picture of her. This picture is for you, Mom!

Thank you to Grandpa & Grandma Chesnut and Grandma Patty for coming to support Payton!

Here is our little family. We are all so proud of our Kindergarten graduate!

Here is Payton with his teacher Mrs. Schmardebeck. We LOVED Mrs. "S" and are so grateful that Payton had such a wonderful teacher this year. He had such a good experience and learned so much because of her hard work. Also, I'm grateful that I was able to work closely with her to help coordinate parent volunteers. She had probably one of the most challenging years of her life, but was still able to be an incredible teacher. Half way through the school year she was diagnosed with cancer. She was also pregnant with her first child. They had to induce her 6 weeks early in order to start chemotherapy. She was gone from school for a couple of months dealing with a premature baby and chemo, but made sure that EVERY detail was taken care of. She is doing well and was able to come back for the last month of school. Also, her baby boy is a very healthy 4 month-old now. Not only was she an amazing teacher, but a great example to me!


Patty said...

Thanks for inviting me to the graduation! Tell Payton that I am proud of him for working hard and doing well! We like school!

Lynnise said...

She is an amazing teacher. Talk about trials! Kindergarten is so fun it is hard to say goodbye, sounds like he is ready for 1st grade!