Summer Fun

We have been so busy trying to have fun this summer that it seems we can't keep up with anything else. Since summer started it seems like we have just run from one activity to the next, which is great, but at some point this summer I would like a chance to just relax! Here are a few pictures of some things we've been doing.

We went to Cherry Hill this past Saturday with all of my family. My grandparents planned this with some of their other family members. We had a great time swimming and going on the slides. Also, we had a nice lunch together with everyone. It was so wonderful to have plenty of babysitters for Cooper so that Tim and I could play with Payton and Parker. It was a really fun and exhausting day!

This past Monday night for FHE we went to Mulligans to hit some balls. Payton was so excited because he just got a new set of golf clubs (Thanks to Daddy and the Hunts). He has been practicing out in the backyard, but this was his first time on the range. He and Parker had some great shots. I was happy to take a swing and actually hit the ball after taking a couple years off. I think it's been a couple summers since I golfed and I actually miss it. I'm excited to get back on the golf course. This was such a fun family activity. We will definitely be doing it again soon!

Don't you love summertime? You don't even have to wear a shirt if you don't want to! Payton and Parker have been playing Star Wars Legos together. Payton used to just let Parker pretend that he was playing, but now he will actually let Parker play with him. He's starting to get pretty good!

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Reeses Pieces said...

You and your sis look so much alike. I'm sure you hear that all the time. She looks so cute in that picture with the hat. I love hats and she really pulls it off.