Swimming Lessons

Payton and Parker took swimming lessons this year at Shinsel's Swim School, which is where I took swimming lessons as a child. The Shinsel's live in the neighborhood just across the street from my grandparent's home. We swam there a lot growing up and even had a few parties at their pool. It was fun to see that they are still doing swimming lessons. We also had an excuse to stop by and visit my Grandpa after swimming lessons a few times, which was fun for the boys and me!

Payton did a great job with swimming lessons this year. He loves to swim under water with his goggles. He's working on not being so uptight so that he can actually float. His favorite part was jumping off the diving board at the end of each class. Also, the last day they did swim races with the other classes and he loved that!

This was Parker's first time taking swimming lessons and he tolerated it well, but did not love it. He pretended that he loved it and always got in the pool without problems, but he was not loving it. He was very timid. He sat on the very top step and did the least amount of swimming possible. When it came time to go off the diving board he would freak out a little, but he went off the diving board every time as long as I held his hands. He would always brag about how much he loved swimming lessons afterwards and how he went off the diving board all by himself. He did learn how to breath under water and loves to display his new skill in the bathtub. He is so much more comfortable in the water now that swimming lessons is over. However, I doubt he'll be wanting to go off the diving board anytime soon!

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Sobaboy said...

Wow...you have been busy. Great posts. Even though we talk all the time it is amazing how much I learn. Thanks for sharing. I tell you this all the time, but you have such a cute family!