Boating with Bruse

Corey took us out on Utah Lake to do some wakeboarding. Every summer Corey invites us to go boating and it seems that we can never hook up with him so it was nice to finally get together. Also, it was so nice that he got the boat out just for us. It was Corey, Tim, Me, Brady, Krista, Payton & Parker.

Payton was really excited to go boating, but a little nervous about wakeboarding.

Parker was terrified the minute we made him put a life jacket on. He didn't relax until we took the life jacket off...silly Parker.

Tim was just hot!

Brady was smooth on the wakeboard

Krista had fun just chillin on the boat

Corey was so nice to take Payton wakeboarding. He got Payton up with him and let him stand in between his legs while they wakeboarded together. He was so gentle with him and made sure that his first time was a great experience.

The Captain

Tim & Payton relaxing after all that wakeboarding

Parker & I having the time of our lives. Doesn't Parker look happy?! I was able to get up on the wakeboard a few times, but I didn't stay up for long. I could definitely use some more practice, but it was fun. The water felt great!


shelf said...

I am glad you guys had a good time. Unfortunately, I was home puking while you had fun in the sun! We will have to do it again this summer.

The Jones' said...

We want to show th evideo of Payton actually Wakeboarding....

LindsSawyer said...

Looks like you had some great smooth water! Fun!