Jones Family Reunion 2008

It all began with the most amazing invitation...

With great anticipation, we stop in at the Box Office upon arriving on set.

We are asked by the Producers (Marlene & Lisa) to audition in order to receive a contract with a studio (bedroom assignments). We all had a great time watching the auditions. Fortunately, the studios were in desperate need of some new talent.

After auditions we receive our VIP passes to get us into all the exclusive events. We are now rising stars on our way to a weekend of fun!

The boys were so happy with their new found acting abilities that they decided to work on some new roles for a wrestling/dancing/showing off movie entitled "Boys Gone Wild."

We spent the entire weekend on location in the wilds of Island Park, Idaho. We played the perfect tourists...sightseeing, golfing, swimming and 4-wheeling.

This little actor did such a good job acting like he was sleeping. Can you believe this little star can do that while 4-wheelin? Now that's talent! Clearly, he was exhausted after a long day of hard work.

With so many celebrities around we decided to make some autograph books so that we could capture their signatures.

These stars, Brice & Parker, are naturals in front of the camera.

Check out our newest celebrities working on their acting skills.

The special effects for this set were amazing. I could not believe all the hard work of the producers. They made this production an amazing event!

The paparazzi would not leave us alone.

One evening Craft Services hosted a movie night for all the stars. We got to eat whatever we wanted from the concession stand and then we watched a movie afterwards on the big screen outdoors. It was such a fun night!

After enjoying an evening of fun, it was back to business the next day. Our contract specified that we return to the set to work with stunt coordinators for our upcoming motion picture. Here are some out takes...

Some of the stunt men were not very happy about "The Scavenger Hunt" movie we filmed. It seemed a little too dangerous to them. However, the danger paid off because our team of actors won an oscar for finishing their part of "The Scavenger Hunt" first.

Finally, our hard work paid off! We were invited to enjoy the finest dining Hollywood could offer. It started with a VIP Party and then it was, "A Night at the Oscars"

These little stars were so excited to get the party started.

Of course, we had to pose for pictures from the press...

and walk down the red carpet...

We were then fitted with our top hats and tiara's...

Of course, another photo shoot...

These stars were getting a little tired of all the pictures, but enjoying a wonderful night of food and fun!

After dinner came the awards ceremony hosted by, Marlene Jensen, who was also the Executive Producer.

Everyone that was invited received a special award. I was honored that I received the award for "The star of the Super Nanny reality show for being talented and organized." (Obviously, this was completely pretend!!)

Payton won his award for being the "Best Behaved Child Star in the Super Nanny Series."

Parker (Tim & Cooper) won awards for their roles in "The Indiana Jones (Salt Lake Version) and for doing their own stunts"

As is typical in Hollywood, the after party was just as fun. We played cards until the early morning hours.

The paparazzi got an unpleasant shot of these celebs passed out at the after party. You never know who's watching...

The last day of our acting adventure, we had a photo shoot and then we participated in the "Race of the Stars."

Payton ran with Grandpa. I was impressed this little star could run over 2 miles!

We all got these darling awards. (I must mention that I did take 3rd place and I was able to improve my time from last year!)

After the race it was a wrap. Fade Out! Everyone was off the set and headed home! This little celebrity had such a good time and was so excited about everything that we did. He was so excited to be bringing home an Oscar.


Angie said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I've never seen a Family reunion like that before. Whoever planned that was talented!

Andi said...

I just want to say that there is a girl in the "boys gone wild" film. But it is hard not to try and be one of the boys...there are so many of them!

Brianne & Jarod said...


Daily Jot & Tittle said...

Can I join your family? I love it!

natalie said...

Gosh, what an amazing reunion. I thought reunions were supposed to be unorganized and boring. But little did I know that, that's not the case with the Jones. Gosh, you guys give new meaning to "keeping up with the Jones."