Home Renewal Challenge Update...

I need to apologize for hanging my fellow "Home Renewal Challenge Participants" out to dry. I think that I got in a little bit over my head, but now I'm ready to get back to business. I realize that I dangled this challenge out there and then didn't give you any feedback for two weeks. I apologize. It's because I've been busy working, trying to complete the challenge. Also, I've been consulting many of you over the phone or through e-mail. THANK YOU for your interest in this challenge. You have all given me the motivation I need to keep going. I would have given up on this crazy challenge the day after it started had it not been for all of you. So, in your honor, I have started a "Home Renewal Challenge" Blog. I will be putting weekly updates, tips, ideas or anything you suggest on this blog for all of you who are seeking help. Also, if you would like any questions answered, I can use this blog to answer them. I would love to use this as a community blog to let you post your pictures and updates. So, get your pictures posted and send me an update. I will link to your blog to show others what you are doing.

P.S. If you haven't started this challenge yet it's not too late. Get started today! I've posted some "Where do I start" tips on the blog.


Andi said...

What a great idea...I need help to get organized! I like to be organized, but have a hard time getting it done. I will be looking forward to checking out your new blog. Also, I might join in on your challenge, but I will be about a month behind. I don't want to start until we get moved and I can actually take my stuff out of boxes!!

Brianne & Jarod said...

Hey Britt,

so I was totally going to take you up on your challenge and take it nice and slow, but ended up having to do it FAST so that we could save $. (check out the blog to see what I am talking about) I had to reorganize EVERYTHING in our house! I DO however have 3 PROJECTS that need my attention.

#1 Isaac's 1st Birthday
#2 An Etiquette dinner that I am teaching to the YM/YW of our ward.
#3 Starting Ike's memory book

I know these aren't home challenges, but I am really focused on working on these thanks to your challenge. Good luck on yours!

heather n said...

Wow! I really need to do this. I have been thinking that all of the closets in the house need re-organizing (along with a few, ok a lot of other things). I would love to keep in touch and get to know you and your family better. My blog is

Amy said...

Brittany...now who is the "perfect" friend here?!?! I don't think it's me as I read your blog - hello!?! Have you looked in the mirror? You know that you are my one and only true inspiration and I seriously think of you each time I whip out my ironing board or organize a closet - seriously (I'm totally not kidding here). How are you doing? I have been the worst friend on earth and take all the blame for not talking for so long. Your little Cooper is as cute as can be and Payton and Parker and getting so big (I love reading about them!) You are such a cute family and I'm so glad I'm re-joining the blogging world so I can connect with my long lost good friends like you guys. Just so you know...I've signed you up for a book exchange mail letter (you sign up six of your friends and by the time it's all done you should receive up to 36 children's books....you've probably done a million of these before but I thought you'd be interested in it). Anyway, I'd sure love to catch up now that school has started and the "routine" is back! You are on my list (and have been for about a year now!) and I'll call you so we can catch up (better yet....we should do it over diet cokes - please tell me you're still "drinking!") Talk to you soon!