football tradition

It's that time of year....football season! In our house this means that Tim has a football game every friday night August through October. This is Tim's sixth year doing football stats for Cottonwood High School's football team. He loves going to the games. He does the stats with my brother Clint, which is an added bonus for Tim. They always have too much fun together. Being the supportive wife that I am, we (the boys & I) always try to go to a couple of the games with my family. My Mom loves going to the games since she teaches at the school and knows most of the players. Cottonwood football has become a tradition in our family. Luckily, they have been really good the past six years so it's actually enjoyable to go to the games (unlike when I went to Cottonwood.) Since Tim has been doing stats we haven't missed a CHS football homecoming game...it's tradition!

Can you find Clint & Tim? Bright Yellow Shirt (Clint) Black Shirt (Tim)

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Anonymous said...

And this is why it's OCTOBER and were still waiting!!

Tim you suck!