real salt lake

We went to the Real Salt Lake soccer game tonight with all of Tim's family and Clint & Becca. Ann graciously stayed home (we didn't have to twist her arm) and watched Cooper. The game was pretty lame, we lost, but we had a great time enjoying everyone's company!


Andi said...

Thanks for coming down and visiting with us...the rest of the family!!! Looks like you all had fun sitting up there!

Dani said...

Britt...i think that is the cutest picture of you at the game! Love the bangs. Seriously. love.

Anonymous said...

Okay so after looking at the picture of you at the Real soccer game I was going to comment about your bangs because as we ate dinner and talked last night I kept thinking how much I liked them, but as you know, I'm very distracted right now and never said it. I was so excited to leave you a comment about it so you would know i was thinking about it and then I saw your bang post below (wow, that sounded funny). Anyway, your hair ALWAYS looks cute so of course I love it.
I took almost the exact same picture of Nicole Ricci to my stylist. Anyway, sorry for the long comment.
Thanks for all your support this week.
Much Love-

Jensens said...

Hi Brittany, letting you know you've been tagged!

Jay and Bec said...

Looks like fun. I guess it's time to get some tickets to a game!! I love your bangs too. I think change is always good.