best buddies

Lately I've been hearing a recurring conversation throughout our home:

Parker: "Payton, will you play a game with me?"
Payton: "No, not right now."
Parker: "Please, I'll be your best buddy."


Parker: "Payton can I play with that toy."
Payton: "Sure."
Parker: "Thanks, Payton. You're my best buddy."


Parker: "Cooper, you're my best buddy."
Cooper: "Goo, Goo, Gaa, Gaa" (I'm sure he's thinking you're my best buddy too just get the heck off of me!)

Parker has been constantly referring to his brothers as his best buddies lately. It is so sweet to hear him talk to his brothers that way. I love when my boys are best buddies. Sometimes they fight and argue, but in the end they always end up best buddies again. I feel like all three of these boys are my best buddies. I'm so grateful to be able to spend each day with them. They bring so much joy and purpose into my life. I'm grateful for my little best buddies.

This is how my conversation goes with Parker about me being his best buddy:

Mommy: "Parker, Can I be your best buddy?"
Parker: "No, you're Mommy."
Mommy: "I know, but can't I be your best buddy too?"
Parker: "No, you can just be Mommy."

At least I know where my place is! I'm just grateful that my boys have each other to be best buddies.


Alison said...

That is really cute, Brittany! Your boys are darling!

Brenna said...

What handsome boys! Looks like you two had a fun night out. What I wouldn't give for one of those right now...and I only have 1 kid.

Phipps Family said...

I love that picture with just Parker and Cooper, what gorgeous eyes they both have!

Anonymous said...

That is darling. Don't you just love it when they put you in your place! Parker is a funny boy. They are all just beautiful (in a very boy way :)).