fall soccer season

Yesterday was Payton (& Tim's) last game of the Fall soccer season. We had a great season and a great team. The kids have made such HUGE improvements since last year. I like to think that the coach had something to do with that. I must brag a bit. Tim is an AMAZING coach. He does a great job helping the kids improve. He also does a great job keeping his distance and letting them play the game. (This is just my personal, unbiased opinion.)

Payton has learned so much and has become a much improved player this season. He played great defense and scored lots of goals. The last game of the season he scored two AWESOME goals. We are so proud of how hard he works. More importantly, he loves it! Recently he has been playing soccer every day at school with his friends. He says that's why he's so good (not his Dad's coaching). I think it's a little bit of both. I can't wait for the Spring soccer season. Tim's Dad took these awesome pictures with his new camera. It was fun to have so much support from family at the games.

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Patty said...

We are so PROUD of Payton! Congrats to him on making those last two goals! We are proud of his DAD, too! What a great coach!