i want to be a ghost

I took the boys shopping for Halloween costumes. We got to the store and I told them they could pick out any costume they wanted.

Parker said, "I want to be a ghost."

That's fine, but they don't sell ghost costumes. I tried to talk him into something much more commercial like, Bumblebee, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Power Ranger, anything that cost $20 and was easy to throw in the closet until Halloween, but Parker was not interested.  

"I want to be a ghost."  he insisted.

So, we left the store empty handed.  (Of course, Payton picked out his Dark Night Batman costume and was completely content.  He's a sucker for commercialization.)  We went home and picked out a nice white sheet from our closet.  We cut the sheet in half and then cut two holes in it for eyes.  

"Here you go, Parker."  I said.  "Here's your ghost costume."

He put it on for two seconds and then ripped it off.  He wanted to be a ghost, but he didn't really want to wear the costume.  Payton spent more time wearing Parker's costume than Parker ever did.  So, I knew that Halloween was going to be tricky.  This is a picture of Parker melting down because he didn't want to wear his costume to preschool.  Yes, he is underneath that sheet.  That sheet is his ghost costume.   

FINALLY, I talked him into wearing the costume just for a picture.  He did it!    

I LOVE these pictures of Parker in his ghost costume.  I'm so grateful that Parker has a mind of his own and cannot be easily swayed.  I'm grateful for his creativity.  I'm grateful for my darling little ghost...even if the 5 minutes that it took to take these pictures was the total time he spent wearing the costume.  In the end, it's my favorite costume that any of my kids have worn and it saved me $20.  


Dani said...

just like my "white bad guy" from a few years back. He refused to let anyone call him a ghost. But he wore a sheet, had a white face...HELLO! Strong willed make for great missionaries, right? I laughed out loud at the lump of white sheet on the floor. That SOOOO would happen at my house. You are darling.

The Palmers said...

I love the ghost pictures too! How fun!