payton's parade and party

Payton's school did the traditional Halloween Costume Parade that I'm pretty sure is required in elementary school. You know, the one where parents come and sit in the overcrowded gym for 30 minutes to see your child for one second as they run by you.  Sarcasm aside, it was fun to see all the cute costumes! After the parade, we did a party with his class.  The kids had fun making crafts, decorating cookies and playing games.


Dani said...

Peyton looks old. Seriously, is it the costume or is he really turning into a little man?

Heather said...

You would think that the traditional halloween parade is a requirement for all elementary schools. But my kids school doesn't allow it. They don't allow the kids to be dressed up on Halloween. Kind of sad. But it saves a lot of stress the day of. They have a carnival for the kids a week before and they get to come dressed up. Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say it... LOVE D-Track. No stupid parade at school!