the witches are out

We love going to Gardner Village this time of year and seeing the witches. If you live in Utah, this is something you must do during the month of October. We met Camille, Makenna and Samantha at Gardner Village. The kids led us to the witches they wanted to see and then we led them to the shops we wanted to visit. Payton brought his wallet and insisted we stop at the candy shop to buy some treats. He also bought a "cool halloween bracelet" at another store. After the kids wore out, we spread out a blanket on the lawn and had lunch. It was a perfect day with perfect company! Makenna refused to have her picture taken so she was not happy with the picture I took of her. Samantha refused to smile. They are still so cute anyway! Luckily, Camille was a good sport!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment. I remember reading your post and thinking that I wouldn't be able to measure up to your post...you explained things so well (i.e. "the kids led us and then we led them) Loved it!
We always have a great time. Thanks for your friendship.