my weekend recipe

cheesy chick flick + utah slaughtering byu + coldplay + yummy thanksgiving dinner + being with great friends and family = 
perfect weekend

Loved the movie, loved being with friends, loved the vampire!

The cutest little Ute fans!

Susie, Jamie and I went to dinner before the concert and enjoyed some of the opening band together.  Tim went to the Utah game so I met him at the concert.  
Luckily, Susie & Jamie let me tag along with them.  

Tim & I 

Ian (covering his face), Shane & Tim.  
For the record, Clint & Becca were at the concert with us, but they weren't sitting by us so I forgot to get a picture.

The main man himself...Mr. Chris Martin

They played a couple songs on this stage that was right in front of our seats.  
It was awesome!

This was an amazing concert!

The Bergstrom Clan.  We always celebrate Thanksgiving early so that we can enjoy Thanksgiving day with our other families.  

My Grandpa & Dad

Cute Cousins & Leenda

My beautiful sister & Cooper

Mom, Me, Clint, Payton & Tim


The Gibbys said...

That does sound like a great weekend. I loved the movie too, and am so excited. I read they are going to start filming New Moon soon! Yes! GO UTES!

Brianne & Jarod said...

Yup...really don't think you could have a better week than that! I REALLY need to hook Isaac up with one of those incredibly cute hoodies! The Coldplay concert looks AWESOME..Jarod and I really enjoy listening to his music, and it calms Isaac right down :)

Anonymous said...

It was perfect, even without me :(? Just kiddin' ya! Fun to see a picture of Jamie and Susie...however what is up with pulling up the bangs?!!! I really do like them on you. Anyway - we could talk about that again for an hour. I love the concert pictures - glad you had such a good time!

The Jones' said...

FUN FUN!! Where the crap did you get that sweater for Cooper? I can't find one for Eme

Reeses Pieces said...

That's so smart that you celebrate early. I may have to mention that to my fam. Your friends Jaime and Susie haven't changed. I don't know them well but they still look the same.

The Palmers said...

Wow, that was a great weekend! How fun!