merry christmas

This is our families Christmas card that I made over a month ago, but never sent out because all of my addresses were mysteriously deleted from my address book on my computer.  I didn't have them backed up on my hard drive and I didn't have a hard copy.  I have learned my lesson.  It will take me until next Christmas to find all of your addresses again.  In the meantime, please accept my apology and this informal, online Christmas greeting.

Merry Christmas!



The Gibbys said...

Very cute! At least you have a good excuse, I just didn't send any. Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Darling - I love it. I still think you need to print and hand out to those you see! :) I want to have it with all my cards!

Dani said...

Thanks for the heartfelt Christmas Greeting. You are too nice.

I hope you all the best with your address retrieval!