so close (yet so far away)

We went to the Jazz Game with our friends. After the game we were able to go to the press conference with Jerry Sloan. It is just outside the locker room. Tim & I got Jazz Jersey's for Christmas and we were hoping to get them signed. Our friends are pros. They have done this before. They gave us our instructions. Watch the press conference. Lay low in the tunnel. Act like you belong. Wait patiently. This picture was our first success. (Okay, the picture wasn't a success, but the moment was.) We watched Mehment Okur grab his little girl and give her a big hug. It was sweet. Except for the security guard that was in the way. (Guess you had to be there.)

We also watched Jerry, Hot Rod, Bolerjack, Boone and Zippy Zundel chatting. (I'm not a very good paparazzi!)

We saw a few other guys. Names aren't really important (mostly because I can't remember), but we were waiting for Deron Williams and Kyle Korver. We were waiting a long time. I was getting bored. I decided that Tim & I should have our picture taken. This is the shot I got that totally blew our cover. We were busted. Kicked out of the tunnel. I guess it was obvious we didn't belong. Sorry Tim. We were so close. I'm sure that Korver and Williams came out of the locker room as we were on our way up the elevator. Oh well! The good news is that we did get a great picture of Tim and I!


Reeses Pieces said...

Which friends? Do they work for the Jazz? I'm so happy to hear they beat the Lakers last night. I wish our TN were doing as well as your UT teams.

Camille said...

Cute shirt! :)

Dartay said...

That is hilarious! Such "Jazz tourists!" Maybe next time you can wear glasses and trench coats and you won't be so obvious ;)