off track

Payton was off track the last week of March and first couple weeks of April.  We love having him home with us.  We got to sleep in many mornings, we had lots of play dates with friends, we got to spend time at the park, we went to doctor's appointments, we went to McDonald's and the boys got to sleep over at their Grandparent's house.  We also got to go visit my Grandpa's grave site and see his new marker.  It was a fun filled few weeks. 

Aren't these faces irresistible?

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Brian and Erika Norton said...

Wow that is awesome! i just barely saw this post (it messes me up when you add them farther down to be in chronological order) and it's the first time I've seen Grampsies headstone. Wierd seeing Grandma's name already on there too?? Can't wait to see everyone and go see it for myself soon. I'm working on my blog right now so hopefully finally have some stuff on it shortly. Hope you had a nice Mother's Day! Call you later!