is this really happening?

This is not a joke. This is not a Halloween costume. This is Payton! This is how he would dress every day if we let him. (Although he wasn't happy about me taking a picture of him). He is obsessed with wearing basketball clothing. Normally, he is wearing a T.E.D hose on his arm (They are the tight leggings that you wear during surgery to help with circulation. Tim cut one to fit on his arm.) If you'll notice in all the pictures we have of him recently, he is always in a jersey. He has three jersey's; Boozer, Williams and Lebron James. He got them for his birthday. Thank goodness he only has three. And, thank goodness we have a rule that you can only wear a shirt one time a week, which means that at least four days a week he has to wear something besides a jersey! And, thank goodness this was taken on a Sunday afternoon...we have a few more rules when going out in public. I love that Payton is passionate about basketball. I love that he has found something he loves, but it is hard to watch your children grow up and make their own choices...especially clothing choices! I'm sure this phase will only get worse before it gets better. Wish us luck!


Heather said...

This is exactly how Brayden is! We have a fight about it EVERY single morning. He either wants to wear a jazz jersey, soccer jersey, or baseball jersey. Of course each jersey has to be complete with the appropriate shorts, sweat bands and shoes. Next year my kids have to wear uniforms to school and I am so excited that this fight will soon be over!!!

Andi said...

Hey...it could be worse, he could be wearing cut off sweats!!! Don't tell him I wrote that...it might give him ideas!!!

The Jones' said...

Maybe you should FEED YOUR KID!! lol. That might make his brain function better! :) He is sooooo skinny, it kills me. That doesn't mean we don't love that little Payt...(Parker says that that is his nickname and his is Park!)