(not so) happy father's day

Unfortunately, it was not the happiest Father's Day for Tim.  He was really sick and suffering from what he thought was a brain tumor.  He was pretty sure he was dying.  He could not get his world to stop spinning.  We found out the next day that it was actually Labrynthitis.  Turns out he wasn't dying.  He just felt like it.  He says that it felt like he just got off the tea cups at Disneyland.  What's wrong with that?  I love the tea cups.  Apparently, Tim hates the tea cups.  We tried to make the day special for him by showering him with love, but he was really too sick to enjoy it.  Although he didn't enjoy his special day, we are still so lucky to have him.  My boys adore their Daddy.  They light up when he is around.  They think he is the coolest person in the whole world.  They are lucky that he feels the same way about them.

We were able to visit all the wonderful Father's in our lives.  We dragged our sick Daddy along with us.  I'm so lucky to have an amazing Father, Grandfathers and Father-in-law.  I have been so blessed to have incredible men in my life.  I'm especially grateful that my boys have wonderful men to emulate.
Happy Father's Day!


Gie Bergmill said...

Love this picture of Grandpa, your dad, and the boys!

Anonymous said...

Tim is an amazing father!

- Payton