jones family fiesta

The Jones Family Reunion is a much anticipated event in our family for many reasons. Of course we love to spend time with family members that we only get to see a few times a year. We also love heading up to Island Park to enjoy the Jensen's amazing cabin and the incredible atmosphere of the island. It is beautiful! The past few years, one of the highlights for me, is seeing the fun theme work put into our family reunion. We have some serious party planning talent in our family. This years party did not disappoint. We had an amazing fiesta complete with incredible decorations, games, activities, food and fun!

Within hours of arriving at the cabin Payton (my seven year old) was driving the four wheeler!
This squirrel had absolutely no fear of us. It was fun to watch him eat his peanuts.
When we arrived we had to do the usual check-in. We were all required to do a Mexican hat dance.

The annual Jones Family picture with our matching t-shirts just before the race around the island was about to begin.
Yes, I am a LOSER, because I took third place to a couple of teenage boys. Actually, they are both super tall and FAST. I'm not ashamed. They deserved to win!

These kids (and all the others at the cabin) were party animals all weekend!
So were these kids...

We played lots of fun games...

and enjoyed earning lots of fun prizes!



Alison B said...

seriously, whoever is in charge of these jones family reunions out-does themselves each year. Looks like a lot of fun!!!

The Jones' said...

I find it funny that the Jones boys wait for some special event in their lives to grow out their facial hair! Looks like a lot of fun, maybe we will be there next year. Well... maybe. :)

Anonymous said...

Tim looks fantastic in the hat!


Reeses Pieces said...

I think it's so fun that you have a theme. I love the dancing with the maracas (sp).