super sunday

Sunday morning Tim & I went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication. It was a beautiful service. I was so impressed with the reverence in our stake center. There were many wonderful talks. One of the highlights was President Monsen telling a funny story, which ended with him saying, "Don't do it, Deiter!" I love President Monsen's sense of humor yet amazing spiritual presence.
After the dedication we picked up our boys, packed up the car and headed to Mountain View, WY to visit the Wright family. It's about a two hour drive from Salt Lake. It was fun to visit with Andi & Jdub. We also loved holding baby Corbin. We barely saw Payton, Parker & Ashton. They had so much fun playing in Ashton's room the whole time. The weather was really nice so we played outside for awhile.

Parker loves Brice. He had fun driving her around in the jeep.

Jdub, Tim, Ashton, Payton & Vader (the dog) had fun playing soccer together. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Vader had the most fun stealing the ball from the boys. Ashton had the least fun and told Vader many times (verbally and physically) how much he hated him. Of course, he did the same to Tim too. I think he's feeling the pressure of being the oldest of THREE kids now. He was having a rough afternoon.
This is Payton trying to get the ball away from Vader. This dog actually sent Payton and Ashton into the air and flat on their backs. Luckily, they didn't get hurt, because we were laughing too hard to help them. Payton still keeps talking about how Vader sent him flying in the air!
We had a great time with the Wrights. It was fun to see where they live, have dinner together and visit. It was a super Sunday!

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natalie said...

Brittany-I have to tell you that your previous post about running really touched me. You said some very inspiring things and of course the part about your truly amazing, positive mom got me. I can't say that this will turn me into a runner but, it may inspire me to try.