first sleepover

Parker had his first sleepover (and probably last). His friend Ryker slept over at our house. We were technically babysitting him. His parents both had to be somewhere early in the morning so we offered to have him sleepover. I figured I might as well let them do it now when they are still innocent and can only stay up until 9 o'clock. As soon as they get older I'm pretty sure that sleepovers will be out of the question. Payton and Parker both loved having him over. They thought it was the coolest thing. Ryker did have a little bit of a rough night and wanted his Mom and Dad a few times, but we made it through and he was happy as ever the next morning.


Camille said...

I got google reader setup & I love it. Thanks so much! It think it really helped to see yours first. Oh, the joy of sleepovers. :)

Courtney said...

I heard the whole story...your a trooper!