parker's birthday

Our sweet little Parker turned five-years-old. We can hardly believe that he's turned into a big boy right before our eyes. We started the morning off bright & early before he went to preschool with some birthday presents. He was excited to get some more batman imaginext toys. He spent the day at preschool and then in the afternoon we had a party with his friends. After his friends party, we invited all of our family over for a pasta bar {Parker's favorite food} and more fun. We had a fun time celebrating Parker's birthday this year!


Michelle said...

Oh, my, blogger. Can you imagine my shock? Thanks for blogging, I feel better now.
I am glad I got to see you during your sabbatical, otherwise I might have really missed you.
Seriously, looks like a fun party. Would you send me your roll recipe? I am looking at them now and it is making crave carbs.
Love ya.

Patty said...

Parker IS a BIG BOY in his 5 year old picture! Really, he looks so grown up. We love Parker; he is always so FUN! Dad says, "He is a Very Gooboy!"

brittany said...

Hi Brittany,

It's Brittany from Tangled and True. I don't have your email, but wanted to see if you would be interested in guest posting about your tiny party and also this one! It looks incredible. Possibly next Wednesday. Let me know what you think. You can email me at tangledandtrue@gmail.com. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

brandy said...

Hi Brittany,

I'm friends with Taylor and when I saw your profile picture you looked so familiar so I hopped over from there. Unfortunately, I don't think we know each other. But I wanted to tell you that your blog is so cute and this party is A-MAZ-ING!! It's so creative! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Jesi and I found your blog from Creative Party Place! I am planning a game party for my son's 8th birthday. I LOVE your invitations! Where did you get them? Your part looks fabulous and I am going to have to steal some of your great ideas! My e-mail is the1jury@cox.net and I would love to know where you got the invites and any other tips you have! Thanks!

Alexis said...

GREAT party...love the theme and all the details. The Scrabble Tiles on the cupcake plate is a GENIUS idea!